3D metal printer project: A quick introduction


Hello dear followers,

We’ve started a 3D metal printer project, and we hope you will be as enthusiastic as we are! In the upcoming 5 weeks we will guide you through the process of designing, building and developing an open source metal 3D printer. We aim for a printer that is accessible to a wide amount of people, while still producing good prints. The project started out by analysing our source of inspiration, the Open-source metal 3-D printer by the Michigan Technological University. Throughout the project we will publish our results wrapping things up with a post on recommendations to guide others.

Featured on:  Hackaday.com, Adafruit.comGizmodo.com, Techcrunch.com3DPrint.com, 3Ders.org, TUDelft, Gizmozone.inarchitectureanddesign.com.aupocket-lint.com