First tests of the Metal 3D printer


The day of our first tests has come. We managed to print a few very straight lines and even stack one line on top of another. The control over the welding torch however is still done by a manual switch, since the software is not quite finished yet.

We hope you’ll enjoy this little video of our first few tests.

YouTube Preview Image

More tests for quality improvement and printing software will follow soon.

3D metal printer project: A quick introduction


Hello dear followers,

We’ve started a 3D metal printer project, and we hope you will be as enthusiastic as we are! In the upcoming 5 weeks we will guide you through the process of designing, building and developing an open source metal 3D printer. We aim for a printer that is accessible to a wide amount of people, while still producing good prints. The project started out by analysing our source of inspiration, the Open-source metal 3-D printer by the Michigan Technological University. Throughout the project we will publish our results wrapping things up with a post on recommendations to guide others.

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